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This symbolizes life, wisdom and endurance.

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People born under the sign of Pisces possess a great deal of empathy. You can say that Pisces have a sixth sense that accompanies them through their lives.

Its Origin and Meaning in Astrology

They have a keen sense for situations and other people's feelings. Also, they are capable of communicating their own emotions very well, as they examine others and themselves down to the smallest detail.

Your zodiac guide: The year in (real) stars

Another strength is their accuracy. That's why they sometimes seem bossy and serious. They love order and security, which is why they spend a lot of their time thinking about money and possessions - but this does not happen out of greed, but as a precaution for times of need. Pisces have a strong sense of humor, they are fun for everyone and very sociable.

Pisces Constellation Project

A certain amount of restlessness is compensated by their meek, self-sacrificing and trusting character. In personal relationships, Pisces are loving and imaginative. They get along very well with the zodiac signs Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn. A perfect team represents the Pises with the Cancer. They do not only dream together, but also live their fantasies and demonstrate their deep affection again and again.

They both were looking for great love and found it, so they will not leave each other anymore.

Below is an antique illustration of the same constellation, where the figures of the fish has been added. Below is an ink version of the symbol for Pisces, which I did a number of years back in an experiment of using Japanese ink calligraphy shodo for old European astrology symbols. Well, what to do? Below is one typical example of the figure, where the stars of the constellation Pisces have also been marked, though not with unquestionable astronomical accuracy.

For the header of this website, I used a picture of a whole school of fish, combined with the shaded symbol for the Zodiac sign. Here are the symbols glyphs of all the twelve Zodiac signs, and links to pages telling more about each Zodiac sign symbol. Sun sign dates: March 21 — April English name: The Bull.

The connection between the Pisces myth and the Pisces zodiac sign

Know More. English name: The Twins.

English name: The Crab. English name: The Lion. Sun sign dates: July 23 — August English name: The Maiden or Virgin.

Pisces (constellation) - Wikipedia

But why two fishes? Robson, , p. Allen, , p. Astronomica , Manilius, 1st century AD, book 4, p. The Witness of the Stars , E. Bullinger, Pisces the Fishes. Menu Skip to content. Search for:. Constellation Pisces [Stellarium]. January 31, October 23, Jamie Partridge.