Leo rising ascendant compatibility

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2. List Sun, Moon, and Planets for Each

You pay careful attention to your money matters and though have small expenditures under control, you may not be quite careful when spending on luxuries. You may be prone to spending at your whim, which could get you into trouble. When you are weak financially, it may take a toll on your physical health too. You know how you want to spend your money and keep track of every single penny.

Leo Ascendant Astrology - Love, Relationships, Career, Marriage Prediction

A self-disciplinary at work is what Sixth House in Capricorn makes you. You prefer stability in job and try sticking to a job as long as possible. You are either too fond of work and do it with great concentration or avoid it altogether. Mostly interested in the end-result and not the path taken, you are the one who prefers strict discipline in work. You try to be responsible towards your work as well as health. With Tenth House in Taurus, you are inclined to earn more to spend more on luxuries.

You want to be seen as the one with great wealth and high status, no matter how your current situation is. You take your time in creating your career and profession. You love to be the one in authority at the workplace and may find it difficult to get along with your subordinates. Artistic professions appeal to you and you would do well in fields related to beauty, luxuries, finance, comforts and such. Anything that provides you stability and pleasure, would be preferable by you. Here are free tips on how to select an Astrologer.

Leo Ascendant First Impression, Personality, Creativity and Spiritual Side Sense of power, flamboyance, ego and positivity impresses upon the people, when they first meet you. First House in Leo gives you a persona of regality. People find you irresistible and are drawn by your strong yet charming personality. You also need people around you and their affection and attention. Known for your generosity and warm nature, you are quite extravagant.

You like to be the dominant one in every situation and live by your own rules.

Ascendant in Leo Woman

Mostly positive, but when situations become difficult, you cannot handle them. Romantic by heart, you crave constant attention of your partner. Sagittarius as Fifth House makes you lucky. You love your freedom and crave for an adventurous life. You are the one who wants drama and if it is not there, you create it, knowingly or unknowingly.

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You understand kids easily and know how to handle them. It is hard to make you commit in love, because you prefer freedom more and are a bit scared of commitments. Ever optimistic, you know that you can get anything you want. Aries Ninth House makes you adventurous and interested in the foreign travels. You love to plan and even put them into execution.

You may find yourself supporting the rebellious causes, which might even be somewhat violent. When things go wrong, you still keep going forward. Fourth House in Scorpio makes you very protective and loyal about your family and home. You have close and intense feelings towards them. In return, you expect them them to treat you in high esteem and with respect.

You might even be the dominant one in family.

You wish for a royal home with luxuries and love to live in style and fashion. Eighth House in Pisces gives you strong intuition which you must learn to trust. You do not show much interest in joint finances and investment because you fear the worst. You have hidden talents of which even you might not be aware. You are able to perform your responsibilities whenever needed. You tend to make personal sacrifices, and sometimes even in financial area. Having Twelfth House in Cancer, you keep your emotions and feelings to yourself.

You do not like anyone to know how emotional you are. But he has a Scorpio sun sign, and is inwardly seething with jealousy.

Leo Rising: Personality Traits of Leo Ascendant | 12 Rising Signs

If nothing else, taking a peek into your joint ascendant sign compatibility can help you fend off problems like the flirting issue above. Whether you wear similar masks or very different ones, it pays to know who the person behind that mask really is. Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship? Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score! Your email address will not be published.

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